Shadow Rise

Welcome to Evvenfall!
Not the greatest welcome ever...

Near open water, rising mountains, and vast plains sits a small village named Evvenfall within the Kingdom of Kern.

Upon reaching this village, each of our heroes were falsely(?) accused of various crimes and thrown in jail to wither away. After a round of introductions and a mysterious cave-in a prison break had begun.

The party ran into a couple of people in the make-shift prison (names unknown) and decided to help them escape as well. The main entryway was blocked, so they all opted to try their luck with an alternative route. Bats were fought, traps were triggered and avoided, a dark passageway was left untouched and everyone made it out safely. The party believes their prisoner-companions to be pirates and were given the chance to ride off into the golden sunset with them, however they desired to clear their names and ventured back to the village of Evvenfall to attempt to uncover the reasons behind their incarceration.

Through some sneaking, coercing, charming, and a bit of trickery the party managed to uncover the true culprit was none other than the Mayor of Evvenfall, Corine Hamilton! She appears to be working in league with the Captain of the Guard (name unknown). The party is planning some way to expose this but their plan may not work out exactly like they hope.


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